About Us

Tiruvannamalai is a sacred town drawing many spiritual seekers from all corners of the world. In the same vein, it also remains a hotbed for creative talents to draw inspiration from and produce their work of art. 

The Tiru Art Collective was born to work with local artists and artisans who create Spiritual Art capturing the essence of the town and spirit of Tiruvannamalai. By Spiritual Art we mean artwork that tap into the spiritual aspect of an individual. It could range from depiction of Gods and Goddesses, to one’s interpretation of their spiritual journey. It would also include representation of Sages and Rishis, and other Yogis such as Ramana Maharishi, Seshadri Swamigal, Yogi Ramsurat Kumar, Vallalar, Agastiyar, and their teachings.

Inner Companion Ecoversity, the promoter of Tiru Art Collective (TAC) is a learning space created for all ages, to integrate learning and living in everyday lives, and is based on the two pillars of spirituality and regeneration. Through this process, we aim to nurture a community which shares similar value systems, but is diverse in the way they go about upholding those values. Thus, the idea of local is at the heart of our operation. 

For both spiritual activities and to regenerate one’s ecosystem, staying grounded in one’s immediate environment, and preserving the local practices, traditions, and culture, is of essence. Spiritual beliefs, values, and practices differ based on geography, and so does the ecosystem we inhabit. It is critical that the local practices, traditions, and culture are held alive, as it fits the local ecosystem.

What we do

We use the TAC platform to showcase the works of artists and artisans with the aim of

  • Spreading the bliss of Tiruvannamalai to other companions
  • Bringing people closer to art and crafts by selling affordable products
  • Reminding each of us of our divine qualities and nurturing the spiritual being in each one of us.

Growing up, art remained a distant dream to many individuals. It is common to hear people say, you need to have an eye for all things creative. 

As educators, we also know that if an individual has not had an exposure to something, they will never be able to develop interest in it. By selling not just original works, but print versions of the same, we want more children and adults alike to experience art in their everyday lives. 

When this art is produced from a spiritual space, it caters to both the creative and spiritual selves in each of us.

If you are interested to collaborate, want to showcase your work, or have questions, please send us a message.